Stoney (portrayed by Pauly Shore) is Dave's best friend. He has his own particular style and uses his own unique brand of slang. Stoney lives in the same neighborhood as the Morgans and often has dinner at the Morgans' house because his mother is depressed.

Stoney helps Dave excavate the caveman and helps teach Link about how to get along in the modern world.

Some people are just afraid to accept the truth that Stoney Brown is just someone who seems high 25/8 and literally has no use to this film. My eyes melted when I revisited this page. The ugly, horrific picture turned my eyes into some liquid that just dripped down my face is a tear-like way. I wasn't even crying, just so, so worried on how one human can even manage to look like this I feel so bad for his mother. I, for one, am not shocked his mother hates him because I do too. He is just such an idiot. His weasel noises are obviously hinting at the fact he wants a weasel as a fursona. He's trying to hide the fact he is a furry.

All in all, he IS A BEAST. Trust no one who says otherwise.