"I'm Too Sexy""Reality Used to Be a Friend of Mine""The American Way"
"Zip-a-dee-doo-dah"-age suffixArnold Schwarzenegger
BabehoodBath pictureBlades
BorisBoxingCalifornia Man
California Museum of AnthropologyCave nugCro-magnon man
CrustyDavid MorganDon't tax my gig so hardcore, cruster.
DopeDork SquadElla
Encino, CaliforniaEncino High SchoolEncino Man Wiki
Encino WomanEnriqueEnrique's muchacha
Food MartFull-on melon tweekageGreasy
IceeInfectious GroovesJimmy Mahoney
Kashmir and RajiKimKung Fu Brothers
Larry MorganLife's about greasin' the do-back, buddy, and weasin' on the buffestLinkavitch Chomofsky
Matt WilsonMatt Wilson's MomMega Mountain
Mop on topMousterian bowlMr. Beady
Mrs. MackieMrs. MorganMunching on some grindage
Norteno Bar, El CribNugPause
PhilPolice officerProm
Rad MobileRobyn SweeneySabre-Toothed Cat
Science teacherSenorita VasquezShe's bummed 'cause I snaked your last bagel
Stanley "Stoney" BrownSteve KoozerStoney's mother
Teena MorganTequilaUnique weasel
Wheezing the juiceWillWrestling Classics Vol. 4
File:Arnold Schwarzenegger.pngFile:Bath picture.pngFile:Blades.png
File:Boris.pngFile:Boxing.pngFile:California Man.png
File:California Museum of Anthropology.pngFile:Cave nug - present day.pngFile:Cave nug in prehistoric times.png
File:Computer club president.pngFile:Cro-magnon man.pngFile:Dave.png
File:Dave digging pool.pngFile:El Crib.pngFile:Ella.png
File:Encino.pngFile:Encino High School.pngFile:Encino Mammoths.png
File:Encino Woman.pngFile:Encinoman.jpgFile:Enrique's muchacha.png
File:Enrique.pngFile:Example.jpgFile:Food Mart.png
File:Forum new.gifFile:Kashmir and Raji.pngFile:Kung Fu Brothers.png
File:Larry Morgan.pngFile:Link.pngFile:Link building a fire in prehistoric times.png
File:Link eating frog.pngFile:Matt Wilson.pngFile:Mega Mountain.png
File:Mr. Beady.pngFile:Mrs. Mackie.pngFile:Mrs. Morgan.png
File:Music video.pngFile:Musterian bowl.pngFile:Norteno Bar.png
File:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.png
File:Placeholder person.pngFile:Police officer.pngFile:Prom king and queen.png
File:Rad Mobile.pngFile:Robyn Sweeney.pngFile:Sabre tooth cat.png
File:Sacred Reich.pngFile:Science teacher.pngFile:Senorita Vasquez.png
File:Steve Koozer.pngFile:Stoney.pngFile:Student Driver.png
File:Teena Morgan.pngFile:Tequila.pngFile:Wheez the juice.jpg
File:Wiki-backgroundFile:Wiki-wordmark.pngFile:Wrestling Classics vol. 4.png

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